20′ Clear Anodized Telescoping Flagpole

20' Clear Anodized Telescoping Flagpole



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Aluminum Flagpoles Available in Exposed Heights of 16′, 20′, & 25′. A Convenient Flick of a Spring Release Button Extends or Retracts the Flagpole in Seconds. STANDARD FITTINGS INCLUDE: * Polycarbonate swivel rings including a double flag harness which allows flying 2 flags, * 16′ and 20′ poles supplied with 3″ gold anodized aluminum ball * Clear polycarbonate collar which fits around the lowest button on the pole to prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of the flagpole. The collar can be secured with a nut and bolt assembly or small lock (not included). * PVC foundation sleeve * Rope and Pulley Free No tangles or knots! * Noise Free * No Clanging ropes * Maintenance Free — No Painting, No Rust * Durable 16 gauge aluminum