The best way to show off your patriotism, and not just on July 4th, is to proudly fly the American flag in your front yard.  The star spangled banner is more than a piece of fabric that represents our nation. It’s a symbol of the freedom we all hold dear, a reminder of our history, a show of support to troops fighting overseas, a thank you to veterans and a memorial to fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, that’s why we fly our flag 24/7 and why S & S Products-Flags/Flagpoles began their journey of selling flags as wholesalers back in 1989 when they lived in Arcanum from their home based business and now 30 + years later we continue our business offering major discounts.  To this day we remain a wholesale company so we can pay it forward to save our valued customers, organizations, cities/towns and businesses money on their purchases.

We offer USA MADE quality products and the best service possible for our customers, businesses and organizations at DISCOUNTED RATES!  We carry over 1,000 flags, poles, accessories, sports flags, NASCAR flags, decorative flags, etc. within the catalogs; check out our web site to order, call with questions, 937-417-2871 or to set up an appointment to discuss flags, flagpoles, etc. or to pick up an order at our home based store location at 1347 S. Market St. in Troy (always call to make sure we are there) .  You can also visit us at our booth on Saturdays 9 to 5 and Sundays 11:30 to 5, Traders World, Main Aisle.  We also have a booth at the Treasure Chest on Miami St. in West Milton,  I have most of the decorative flags, magnet signs, banners etc. there plus this location is filled with treasures from past and present, so much to see, open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am until 4 pm.  Email address is:  [email protected].

We would like to thank you in advance for your continued support of S & S Flags & Flagpoles. Have a wonderful day.

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